Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 61 - 22 again

Last night was a bit better. I slept only from 5.20am to 7.20am, and used Counter Strike Source to prevent me from falling asleep. My 2 hours of sleep felt just like one short nap, but I was way more exhausted than after a standard nap.

With this 5.20am nap I tried to reduce my nap length back to 20 minutes, but it seems as if that was a hasty decision. But still, 25 minutes feel a bit too long.

With my 3.20pm nap I tried it again, but this time I chose 22 minutes instead of 20. So far I am really glad that I did this. My naps feel good once again and the wake up procedure is a lot less painful than before. The next night will be child's play...

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 60 - Another stupid Friday

And again....
Last night I slept from 11pm to 3.20am. I I hadn't set up my alarm to remind me of the next nap at 11pm, I don't know how long I would have been asleep.
Well after that, I was completely awake. After the 7.20am nap I was a little bit tired again, but not too much to delay my cleaning jobs.

Talking was so-so, better than usual, but not really good. On the way home I felt completely awake and that feeling didn't disappeared until late in the night.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 59 - Three day, one crash

Whooho, I screwed up. Yep, I slept from 3.20am to 7.50am last night. Two days success, one day crash. This is annoying. It seems that I have to think or more ways to make my 3am sleep really uncomfortable.

The rest of the day was not that good either. At 2pm I felt unusually tired, I rarely experienced that before. I'm still sticking to my 25 minutes, maybe I should change that in the next days.

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